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All About Home Inspection Rates | Quest Property Inspections

Everyone knows that home inspection is a standard process involved when buying a house. This is a requirement for both the seller and buyer, but it is mostly the buyer’s responsibility. In addition, it will benefit the buyer more.

Ideally, the next concern would be the cost of this service. There is no clear-cut basis for the home inspection fee. Hence, this article will tackle the factors that affect pricing. This can help you maximize the money you spend.

Square-foot area of the house

Of course, the defining factor of the home inspection rates is the square-foot area of the house. A bigger house will have a higher inspection fee. All floors and corners will be included in the calculation of the size of the property. If this information is not readily available to you by the seller, you can base it on the number of rooms and floors in the house. This way, the inspector can give you an estimate for the service.

There are cases when the home inspection rate is based on the selling price of the property.

Age of construction

Older houses will pose a challenge for evaluation. Safety will be a probable issue. Therefore, it will take more time and will naturally cost more. Inspectors will be very careful in evaluating the house and every area.

Additional inspection needs

While the inspection tour is ongoing, the inspector may suggest or recommend addition inspection services for the house that a standard inspection does not cover. In older houses, for example, mold may be an issue. Mold testing can be implemented to confirm if this is a problem. Other potential problems could include termite, radon, and many others.    

Experience of the home inspector

An experienced inspector has a higher rate. This is because of their expertise. As with all things, negotiation is always available. You can negotiate the rates and make suggestions on important areas of the house.

A home inspection includes evaluating the complete structure and identifying areas that have needs for repair, renovation, or total replacement. The inspector will spare no detail around the house. From the roof, plumbing, ventilation, walls, ceilings, and even plumbing, you surely learn everything you need to know about your future home.


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