5 Home Inspection Tips for Buyers in Riverside CA

It’s totally understandable how exciting it is to finally be able to call a house as your own. Though you’re not really closing the deal yet, pretty sure you’ve set eyes on a particular property over a thousand other listings. You might start imagining how to set the indoor theme or how to rock the whole place. But, before you start doing all that, let’s take a few steps back, shall we?

Our goal in conducting our Home Inspection in Riverside CA for 2-5 hours is to help buyers such as you, make an informed decision about a property you are looking at. We’ve already witnessed many fly-by-night builders and inspectors that carried with their demise the homeowners’ excitement soon as they discovered the issues of their “dream home”. 

While it is true that homebuying is both exciting and overwhelming, a home inspection can prove that it really is the latter. But, a home inspection that reveals issues is not the beginning of a nightmare.

Here’s why we listed down 5 important home inspection tips you need to know as a buyer to help you understand what it is and how to move forward with the result. 

  1. Know what exactly happens during a home inspection. Since you get to choose which company to hire for an inspection, your agent or family relatives can refer to a reliable home inspector. However, you need to possess due diligence in hiring one. Typically, our home inspection in Riverside, CA covers all major components such as heating and cooling systems, interiors, plumbing, electrical systems, roofing, ceiling, attic, foundations, crawlspaces, and basements. Depending on what more you want to know, you can ask for additional inspection services such as mold testing, radon testing, air quality testing, and even pool spa testing. Following the inspection, you will receive a full-color digital report that highlights both positive and negative.
  2. An inspector will always discover something so don’t be alarmed. If the inspector doesn’t find any single problem or defect, well, maybe it’s time you start questioning if he really is an inspector. All homes have issues, even brand new ones. But don’t fret. There are problems that can be handled by the seller such as cosmetic issues, cheap repairs, and harmless broken sockets or switches
  3. You need to know when to negotiate for fixes. By this time, your real estate agent should be a reliable help in deciding which fixes the seller should take. There are two options to deal with a) ask the seller to fix it and b) negotiate for a lower price. Most of the time sellers choose to handle issues and fix repairs than lowering the selling price. Be on the lookout for common defects such as plumbing problems, leaking roofs and even mold issues.

  4. Know when to negotiate for money. In some cases, there are sellers who offer cashback credit at closing for you to complete the project. However, if the problem is way bigger than expected, you may try to ask for a discount.
  5. Do not force if the shoe doesn’t fit. If the seller refuses to shoulder major issues that you believe should be handled by him/her, feel free to walk away from the deal. You don’t want to end up regretting someday just because you chose to brush it off today. Some defects might be repaired now but may come back around and bring more trouble down the road. Yikes.

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