Moving Made Simple

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Corona Home Inspection's moving made simple tips and trick to save time and stress moving. Moving is an exciting time as you look forward to settling into your new home sweet home. However, it's also a stressful time as you try to move your belongings from one place to another, as well as set up all the services you need, such as mail, cable, and internet.Before you get stressed, take a deep breath and know that in a few simple steps, you can save time while making your move easier. Here Continue Reading ...

Make Home Inspection Worth Your Buck

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Is home inspection worth your buck? All buyers know that quality is important when buying something. Who would want to acquire something that would fall apart with a little pressure? Most of us who decide on buying does not make the decision overnight. More often than not, it’s the financial aspect of the purchase that causes us to delay the decision. Knowing that it takes more than a few bucks to buy a house makes the buying decision more critical. Therefore, having a home inspection Continue Reading ...

Dispelling Myths About Home Warranty Plans

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This article by Corona Home Inspection is meant to help you understand home warranty plans, as well as separate fact from fiction. If you're considering a home warranty plan, you are probably doing your due diligence - as you should - on how they work, who the different providers are and what to expect from the experience.  Go the extra mile to protect your home Myth: "I don't need a home warranty plan because I have home insurance."Investing money, time and love into a place to call Continue Reading ...

Real Estate Ready: Smart Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

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Home Inspection Corona few tips to first-time homebuyers to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process and the happy outcome so you don't have to delay your decision to buy a home. Today's first-time homebuyers face a variety of hurdles when trying to enter the real estate market. While interest rates have declined recently and there are signs that more inventory may be coming onto the market, many buyers continue to feel the frustration in finding and financing a home.Additionally, high Continue Reading ...

3 Weekend Projects To Cut Your Energy Bills

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Corona Home Inspection Tips To Cut Your Energy Bills Seasons come and go, but one thing remains the same - energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the average annual energy cost for a single-family American home is more than $2,000. While some of this cost is due to the rise in electronic usage in homes, there is a much bigger problem driving up energy bills in American homes - poor insulation.The North American Insulation Manufacturer's Association estimates that Continue Reading ...

All About Home Inspection Rates

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Everyone knows that home inspection is a standard process involved when buying a house. This is a requirement for both the seller and buyer, but it is mostly the buyer’s responsibility. In addition, it will benefit the buyer more. Ideally, the next concern would be the cost of this service. There is no clear-cut basis for the home inspection fee. Hence, this article will tackle the factors that affect pricing. This can help you maximize the money you spend. Square-foot area of the Continue Reading ...

Clearing The Air: 5 Facts To Know When Choosing New Roofing

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Here are Corona Home Inspection's five key facts you should know about residential attic ventilation systems before installing a new roof. When choosing products and materials for a new roof, many homeowners focus mainly on color and what their shingles will look like next to their existing siding or brick.Naturally, aesthetics and curb appeal are important. But an even more crucial element of your new roof is the attic ventilation system.If your roofer doesn't install a well-designed Continue Reading ...

Money-Saving Roofing Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

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Replacing an aging or damaged roof is an important step in providing crucial protection from the damage the elements can dish out - from heat, wind, and rain, to snow, sleet and hail. But homeowners may not realize that the type of roof shingle they choose can make a big difference, not only in the protection it offers to the home, but also in the cost of their homeowners' insurance. Here are Corona CA Home Inspection's few things homeowners should keep in mind when looking to save money Continue Reading ...

Expert Lawncare Tips For A Happy Summer Lawn

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It's been a rough winter in many parts of the country, but spring is here at last - and that means it's time to give your lawn a bit of TLC. Although grass is highly resilient, you can help your lawn recover from winter and make sure it's in top shape for summer with these tips from turfgrass researchers around the U.S. Here are Corona Home Inspector's lawncare tips for a happy summer lawn.1. Aerify to relieve soil compaction. If your lawn is old or heavily trafficked, or if it sat Continue Reading ...

Corona CA House & Commercial Inspection Website Launched

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 Quest Property Inspections provide industry-leading home inspections from their Riverside & Orange County property inspection firm. Owner-inspector, R. Kevin Shirk, is a fully licensed property inspection professional in California. He has been in the construction Industry for 30 years, bringing vast experience and knowledge to the Home Inspection business. Shirk is a member in good standing with InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and is Continue Reading ...